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Breaking News Metals Futures Prices   This page features a directory of metals futures along with real-time prices and other information for each. Next to each type of metal, the expiry month is listed along with the last price it traded at in real time. The "Base" price is the last close of each futures contract (as of 16:30 ET). The change is calculated from the "Base" price. Click on the name of a metals futures contract that interests you to reveal its chart, technicals and other information pertaining to the futures contract. Real Time Streaming Futures Quotes (CFDs) Create Alert Add to Portfolio Add to/Remove f

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Goldman Sachs Liquid BeESLBES1,000.000.00%923.50K12:20:00 
 Goldman Sachs CPSEGOMS26.74-0.63%649.76K12:19:00 
 Bharat 22 ETFICPR36.79-0.27%151.15K12:19:00 
 Kotak BankingKOTM279.30+0.24%138.31K12:00:00 
 Kotak NiftyKOTK117.00-0.31%51.83K12:18:00 
 ICICI Prudential NiftyICNI118.46-0.43%34.00K12:19:00 
 Bharat 22 ETFICPR36.80-0.19%22.66K12:18:00 
 SBI Nifty 50SBFP115.90-0.45%17.41K12:19:00 
 Goldman Sachs Junior BeESJBES306.15-0.66%8.49K12:19:00 
 ICICI Prudential NV20 iWINICIN55.80-0.23%5.01K11:57:00 
 Goldman Sachs Gold BeESGBES2,723.55+0.19%4.88K12:20:00 
 Motilal Oswal Most Shares Midcap 100M10020.40+0.29%4.86K11:30:00 
 Goldman Sachs Nifty BeESNBES1,193.90-0.22%4.04K12:20:00 
 DSP BR Liquid NSDSPB1,000.01+0.00%3.09K11:28:00 
 ICICI Prudential Midcap Select iWINICIU69.53+0.36%2.99K11:50:00 
 Kotak GoldKTGF268.05+0.06%2.96K11:58:00 
 R Shares ConsumptionRELC53.88-0.57%2.26K12:14:00 
 Kotak NV 20 DividendKONV56.51-0.56%2.08K12:20:00 
 Kotak PSU BankKTPU310.95+1.52%1.95K12:03:00 
 SBI Nifty Next 50SBIN304.00-0.33%1.61K11:51:00 
 Goldman Sachs BankingBBES2,773.50+0.12%0.66K11:52:00 
 SBI GoldSBIG2,762.350.00%0.56K12:18:00 
 ICICI Prudential Nifty100ICIC124.00-0.29%0.52K12:02:00 
 UTI Nifty Next 50UTII306.00-1.92%0.44K11:39:00 
 ICICI Prudential GoldIPEG277.75-0.36%0.40K12:19:00 
 HDFC GoldHDGO2,794.85+0.08%0.35K12:02:00 
 UTI GoldUTGF2,758.00+0.66%0.33K12:20:00 
 Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100N100628.64-0.61%0.30K11:42:00 
 Kotak NiftyKOTK116.95-0.42%0.28K12:18:00 
 ICICI Prudential NiftyICNI118.30-0.40%0.27K12:11:00 
 Goldman Sachs Nifty BeESNBES1,192.01-0.38%0.25K12:15:00 
 LIC MF SensexLICM415.00-2.57%0.22K11:46:00 
 SBI Nifty BankSBIF275.35+0.02%0.17K12:18:00 
 ICICI Prudential Sensex iWINICII397.74-0.15%0.16K11:46:00 
 UTI SensexUTIS396.00-0.19%0.15K11:48:00 
 R Shares NV 20RENV574.27-0.30%0.11K11:26:00 
 HDFC Nifty GrowthHDFN1,184.00-0.55%0.11K12:15:00 
 Reliance R Shares CNX 100RELF121.53+0.60%0.10K12:03:00 
 Axis GoldAXGF2,682.25-0.70%0.09K11:46:00 
 ICICI Prudential S&P BSE 500ICSP154.99-0.65%0.08K11:31:00 
 Goldman Sachs CNX Nifty Shariah BeESSBET250.42-1.89%0.06K11:27:00 
 Edelweiss Nifty Quality 30EDEE276.75-3.23%0.06K12:04:00 
 Goldman Sachs PSU Bank BeESPSUB347.32+1.78%0.03K11:12:00 
 Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50M50110.50+1.24%0.02K11:05:00 
 IDFC NiftyIFCN115.02-2.49%0.02K10:26:00 
 Quantum GoldQTGF1,353.90+0.20%0.02K10:38:00 
 Axis NiftyAISN1,162.09-0.34%0.01K11:45:00 
 R Shares Dividend OpportunitiesRDOF30.68-0.94%0.01K12:16:00 
 Goldman Sachs Hang SengHNGS3,500.000.00%0.01K10:49:00 
 UTI NiftyUTIN1,202.50-0.37%0.01K12:04:00 
 UTI Nifty Next 50UTII310.00+1.97%0.01K12:03:00 
 Birla Sun Life GoldAITY2,832.00+0.00%0.01K11:47:00 
 LIC MF Nifty 50LICO118.95+0.81%0.00K10:01:00 
 Birla Sun Life NiftyADIY113.15-2.46%0.00K10:50:00 
 Invesco India GoldINVS2,825.00+0.18%0.00K10:07:00 
 HDFC Nifty GrowthHDFN1,188.58-0.04%0.00K10:01:00 
 Canara Robeco GoldCRMF2,894.90-0.18%0.00K10:00:00 
 Edelweiss Nifty BankEDEW2,800.00+3.70%0.00K09:52:00 
 Reliance R Shares CNX 100RELF120.01+0.00%005/09 
 ICICI Prudential S&P BSE 500ICSP157.03+0.00%007/09 
 UTI NiftyUTIN1,180.000.00%005/09 
 DSP BR Liquid NSDSPB1,000.010.00%010/09 
 LIC MF G-SEC Long TermLICN15.210.00%010/09 
 Goldman Sachs Infrastructure BeESIFRB330.000.00%010/09 
 IDBI GoldIDBE2,860.00+0.00%010/09 
 Invesco India NiftyINVO1,232.00+0.00%010/09 
 Edelweiss Nifty 50EETS11,828.390.00%007/09 
 ICICI Prudential Nifty100ICIC125.050.00%010/09 
 AMP Capital Global Property SecuritiesLICU121.70+0.00%010/09 
 Invesco India GoldINVS2,772.00+0.00%006/09 


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